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According to people who keep track of such things, the drawing at left appeared 30 years ago today, in the program…
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RT : people can still vote in the Tripwire awards 2021 until 1 August
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RT : Congratulations to all Eisner Award winners! Cheers to Laura Allred for Best Colorist incl. X-Ray Robot,…
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RT : Folks the Delta variant is no joke. Please protect yourself and your loved ones – get vaccinated.
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RT : NOW in Hero's eBay auctions! Jimmy Olsen/Action Comics original art from , great original art by Matt Wag…
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RT : Mike Mignola And Chris Roberson, Present Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club
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RT : Ending TODAY, July 20, in Hero's eBay auctions, 9 pm Eastern! Action Comics & Brain Boy original art by ,…
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Get vaccinated.
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