RT : "Mr Higgins Comes Home" is a graphic novel by and that we talk with Warwick about today!
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RT : Our own and checks out "Mr Higgins Comes Home" in today's
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RT : We've made no secret of our admiration for Black Hammer, the deconstructed superhero saga by Jeff Lemire and Dean...
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RT : . newest graphic novel, MR HIGGINS COMES HOME, is out today, with some stunning art by !
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RT : Mr Higgins Comes Home is a lovely thing to behold, if a horror comic book can be said to be lovely.…
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RT : Mr. Higgins Comes Home by is wonderful. These two make a great pair.
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RT : The second part of our double bill today is a review of "Mr Higgins Comes Home"
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RT : Spotted: Mr. Higgins Comes Home! by 10/18: HCF's 5 Comics for New Comic Book Day!
5 hours 16 min ago
RT : Black Hammer is a comic series about heroes who've stopped caring, and you can read the first issue free right here…
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RT : Read Black Hammer right here, a superhero comic where the good guys don't care anymore.
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RT : So good to see one-in-a-billion talent getting the recognition he deserves with 's MR. HIG…
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RT : The first issues of and top this week's must-read comics
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RT : . chats with about "Mr. Higgins Comes Home," his new OGN with
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THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN (1964) By far my favorite of the Hammer Frankensteins. Co-produced by Universal so they...
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RT : Mr. Higgins Comes Home Just in Time for Halloween -
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RT : "Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil" by and is one of our picks
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RT : I need YOU to take my spot at the season 2 stranger things premiere. 🤠
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MOBY DICK (1956) Directed by the great John Huston, adopted by Huston and Ray Bradbury. Another one of those...
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RT : Bride of Frankenstein 1935 American dir by James Whale
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RT : Getting sucked into "Joe Golem and the Drowning City" by and and dreading having to put it down to sleep!
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RT : THIS WEEK! If you haven't read BALTIMORE, go back to the beginning. If you's the end, beautifully rende…
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